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1930’s Period Doors

Are you a vintage-era-inspired homeowner looking for an effective way to characterise and beautify your home? If you are, then 1930’s Period Doors are your best bet.  And the best range of these doors can solely be found at Online Door Store.  Having our 1930’s doors in your home will bring the feel of your home back to the era. These doors can create a talking point for your guests. Our 1930’s doors are perfect for traditional period properties; get the perfect finishing touch you desire!

At Online Door Store, we have an array of 1930’s doors which pay perfect homage to the interior art-deco design of the Thirties. They fit most common door frames. These doors are a suitable fit for all rooms in your house, and they are the perfect way for you to maintain your home’s authentic 1930’s appearance. Enjoy the benefits of robust and heavy-duty new doors which have been manufactured to our modern-day high standards.

Without an ounce of doubt, our 1930’s doors are the smart choice for every homeowner who wants to install new true-to-period doors. At Online Door Store these doors come in Natural Pine, Pitch Pine, pre-primed Pine and Oak finishes.

The natural wood can easily be coloured and treated to preserve the surface of your doors and keep them looking their best for decades to come.

The pre-primed version gives any decorators a head start on their task. The Oak versions add a touch of class while also being true-to-period in their design.

Oh, and if you do decide to go with the oak range there is even a model with the top square panel left as an aperture so you can have bespoke sheet of glass made to fit. Perfect for any room where a little bit of extra light is needed. Don’t worry though because there’s a pre-glazed version too, if you need a quick fix!

There are also Fire Door FD30 versions for where extra protection is required.

This variety has made our range of 1930’s doors a must-have for all heritage-inspired homeowners and architects!

     Pitch Pine 1930’s in the bedroom                                   Oak 1930’s (FD30) in the Kitchen  

In addition to the classic features, the design style of these doors allows for sizeable trimming and, as a result, they can be easily trimmed to fit any frame in your home. A period look is further matched by the addition of finishing touches such as traditional butt hinges and for example beehive door knobs.

Online Door Store’s 1930’s doors feature three vertical panels below and a single panel at the top which is characteristic for the period. The simple design of our 1930’s doors gives an utterly nostalgic look to even the newest of homes, and with even more size options, you can have that extra peace of mind that they will fit your home not only in style but size as well. This nostalgic look is perfect for any homeowner wanting to give their home that period authenticity at a reasonable price.

The doors are indeed a surefire way of blending simplicity and elegance with affordability.

In a nutshell, the sleek lines and clean flat panels of our 1930’s Period doors are an exact likeness of the doors from the art deco era but are sure to look great in any home. They are sure to be a talking point for any room. Get your 1930’s Period Doors at Online Door Store now! If your fancy is Victorian or Regency Doors then check out our ranges for those too!

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