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Door Care

Hints on the Preparation, Finishing and Care of Your New Door

Once you have received your new door you will need to take care of it to ensure it stays in good condition for many years to come, after all it is a natural product and you will want to maintain the beauty of the wood. 

All wooden doors are susceptible to various situations such as moisture and damp as well has such things as central heating etc, so it is imperative that you apply a treatment to your door as soon as possible.

Some hints on how to take care of your new internal door

  • If your door is a pre-primed door then you may need to lightly sand it down if it is very smooth this will give a suitable surface to apply the base coat.
  • If the door is not primed, then a good quality solvent based aluminium primer for hardwood must be used. This will help to seal in the natural resin of the wood that otherwise could spoil the paintwork.
  • Then apply a good quality base and top coat. We always recommend using a brush and not a roller.
  • Always check that the product you are using is suitable for the type of wood your door is made off and do a test patch first.

If you have purchased an external door

As a matter of importance you should note that water based products and clear varnishes are NOT suitable for external doors.

Below are some recommendations and hints for you to ensure the long life of your new external door

  • It is very important that you recognise that as soon as your door becomes exposed to the elements, it becomes vulnerable to moisture and uv rays.
  • External doors must be completely sealed before being fitted with a suitable product with a colour pigment to help protect the door.
  • Ensure that the entirety of the door is sealed including the top and the base
  • To preserve the appearance of all external doors and to give long and trouble-free service, our recommended treatment to be used on all our External Doors, is a minimum of: 2 coats of a good quality product such as ‘Sikkens HLS’ base coat and at least 3 coats of ‘Sikkens Filter 7’ top coat. Or other similar quality product.

(If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.)

  • If painting your external door, a solvent based Aluminium primer for hardwood must be used. This will help to prevent the natural resin in the wood from spoiling the paintwork
  • The same brand of finishing product must be used on all faces and edges of the door as recommended and not mixed for example Sikkens treatment to one side, and painting to the other.

If your unsure about a product you wish to use, either contact the manufacturer or ourselves and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

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