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Door Handle Fitting

As well as products such as our solid timber doors, Online Door Store also stock a range of high quality door accessories, such as Door Handles.

We know that installation of these door handles can be a bit tricky, so below is a helpful guide on how to install door handles that is well worth a read!

1. Drill a hole in the narrow edge of the door — at the height you want the doorknob to be placed. This hole will be for the latch that keeps the door closed.

2. Position and hold the latch plate over the hole in the door. You should be able to see the hole through the latch plate when lined up.

3. Draw around the shape of the plate using a pencil onto the door.

4. Remove the latch plate, then use a hammer and chisel to remove the wood within the marked area. Make sure it is as deep as the latch plate’s thickness. The plate should fit flush with the edge of the door once complete.

5. Use a hole saw drill bit to drill a hole through the door where the doorknob will be placed. Drill all the way through to the other side of the door.

6. Reposition the latch plate and mark the two screw holes with a pencil. Drill smart holes and insert the latch, then screw in the latch plate.

7. Door knobs come in two halves and are joined together usually by two long screws. Insert the doorknob into either side of the door, making sure you line up the screw holes and the centre locking mechanism latch, which should fit into the door handle on the inside.

8. Finally, install the striker plate on the door frame. Line up the latch where the door will close and lock. Trace the striker plate using a pencil and chisel out the wood on the door frame. Use a drill to make a hole in the middle where the latch will go into. Screw in the striker plate then open and close the door to check if everything works as it should.

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