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Buy Georgian internal doors online and find a perfect, easy way to give your period home that special finishing touch. With Georgian doors for your internal rooms from Online Door Store, you can create that impressive timeless look.


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What style of home suits Georgian internal doors?

When decorating the interior of your home, nothing quite finishes off the look than the perfect door to suit your style. 

Our collection of Georgian style internal doors can fit the look of any home, and with different styles and finishes available, you can be sure that there’ll be something just right for you. 

Where can I use Georgian internal doors?

Whether it’s four-panel Georgian interior doors you’re looking for, or a six panel piece, our Oak wood internal Georgian doors are sized for most door frames. Where you choose to place your Georgian style interior doors for your design is flexible, whether it be for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or office. 

Our Georgian style doors can be used for any room in any property, and the varied sizes, styles and designs include fire door options that make them perfect for any situation.

Georgian style interior doors

Our internal Georgian doors come in both pre-finished and unfinished formats.

The unfinished doors leave room for you to choose your own finish to fit your own specific requirements for your home.

How to treat Georgian oak doors

Our Georgian oak doors can help enhance and compliment your home, but the natural beauty of oak timber does take some care at first. 

You can be sure that you are buying a quality product that has been cared for at every stage of its modelling and transportation, and with a little extra care for your door over time, it will last you for years to come.

The treatment required for your door will depend on our traditional 4 and 6-panel Georgian doors situation within your home.

Oils and waxes can be used on unfinished doors in living areas to ensure a protected and enhanced naturally beautiful Georgian style interior door

Choosing a Georgian style door for a bathroom

For bathrooms or where the door might be susceptible to heat and steam we would advise a clear or coloured varnish. 

For those opting for a coloured theme, a coat of primer will ensure that your door is ready and protected if you wish to paint it.

How we protect your Georgian oak doors

Protecting your Georgian interior doors from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the temperature extremes it may face can increase the lifespan of your quality oak Georgian doors. 

Our Georgian style interior doors are made with the most modern engineered fabrication practices. This ensures a better level of protection against warping, splitting and cracking compared with solid oak doors. 

They have an engineered particleboard core with 10mm matching timber lippings around the edges. These are then faced with an A-grade oak veneer to create the traditional style that makes our Georgian style doors so simple and subtly beautiful. 

How to shop for Georgian internal doors

Creating the right feel in your home is as simple as picking the right Georgian internal doors and here at Online Door Store. We are determined to ensure you a perfect, easy purchase fit for the interior design of your home.

Georgian doors for sale

Finding the right Georgian door for each room won’t be a worry with our flexible sizes and designs ready to fit any room. 

There are FD30 fire door options on some of our most popular models, you can be sure of the right doors in the right place. Our fire-safe Georgian style doors add an extra 30 minutes of safety to your desired room. 

Whether it’s a child’s bedroom, kitchen, loft conversion or any other area that needs a little extra protection against fire, neither safety nor style need to be compromised. Both can go hand in hand, and our Georgian internal doors range is an example of that. For even more options, check out our Georgian fire doors.

How much are Georgian interior doors?

Our doors can be made to measure to fit most frame sizes, and with our reasonable, value-for-money prices you can have that extra peace of mind that your Georgian interior doors will fit both your budget and any awkward door frames in your home. 

Delivery options

Our delivery options also mean you don’t need to pay hefty charges to get your doors to your home. We will deliver and take every care that your Georgian internal doors reach you in perfect condition.

So look no further than Online Door Store. The designs are true to period, simple and understated, making them flexible for whichever location you choose. if you have not found the exact style you want please browse our other designs at Internal Doors.

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