Glazed External Doors

Glazed External Doors offer the advantage of letting extra light into your hallway. Also, they allow you to see who is at the door before you answer - a certain security benefit in today's world.  As the first impression visitors see of your house, you want it to look its best. It needs to be safe and secure, able to withstand the weather, and provide protection for your family. Also, more designs are available if you don't see exactly what you want, just call to discuss your requirements.



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What type of glazed external doors?

We have a range of  glazed external doors for sale. Whether it has 1 panel, 2, or 10, we can supply your choice of external door. Our range is divided into Contemporary and Period styles, with both oak and hardwood glazed external doors that all include various glazed options. 

Each door is beautifully crafted using the finest materials and modern engineered techniques. With 14mm, toughened, double glazed units they are able to withstand even the most avid intruder. The added light will brighten up your hallway.

Oak glazed external doors

Our oak glazed external doors are a solid 44mm thick construction. They have an engineered core of solid block and particleboard which is then overlaid with the finest quality oak veneers. There is a part L Glazed option with increased heat insulation properties. 

Hardwood glazed external doors

Our hardwood models have an inside core made up of solid hardwood blocks, jointed with mortise and tenon. Again, overlaid with A-grade hardwood veneers. Also 44mm thick, both are glazed with 14mm double glazed units to allow extra light into darker hallways. 

Why buy glazed exterior doors?

Glazed doors are popular because they allow natural light into your home. This can make a noticeable difference in making spaces appear more welcoming and spacious, especially in parts of the house that don’t benefit from windows, such as corridors. 

By choosing a glazed front door, you will also have the added advantage of seeing when someone knocks. And with the thickness of the door and glazing, you won’t compromise any security.


Benefits of an Engineered Glazed Door

Against traditional single timber doors, engineered external doors have a number of great benefits. Traditional timber doors will often warp, move and expand and contract in the weather. External doors are particularly susceptible, having one internal warm face and another external cold face. The jointed single members will pull away from each other, trying to fill out the space available.

Engineered doors however, are made up of various constituent parts bound together under extreme heat. This ‘core’ is then covered in high grade veneer. In this way the components of the door hold together to form a solid body which resists any movement, warping and expansion. 

Installation and care of exterior glazed doors

Always employ a qualified joiner to install your new door. We recommend four hinges for external doors and good solid locking mechanisms. Also, your door should be hung in a sound fitting, hardwood, external grade frame. 

Your external door becomes immediately exposed to UV rays and the weather from the moment it is hung. All external doors need good quality weather-proof paints or treatments to preserve them through the extremes of the British climate. Please see our help and advice section for further advice on this important element.

Any Questions?

Perhaps you can’t find the exact model you wanted? Or maybe you need a special size for a particular opening? We can help with any of your queries. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or our handy contact form if you need further information or want to discuss special requirements.