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The Benefits of External GRP Doors

Against traditional timber doors, GRP external doors have a number of great benefits. Traditional timber doors will often warp, move and expand and contract in our weather. And external doors are particularly susceptible having one internal warm side and another external cold side. Also, the jointed single members will tend to pull away from each other. Further trying to expand to fill the doorway as tightly as possible.

Made from composite materials with a man-made GRP exterior these doors will suffer no warping or shrinkage or de-lamination over time. They require no painting, an easy no-maintenance solution for your external doors.

In a variety of colours and designs there is one for every style of property from period to contemporary.

Installation and Care

Always employ a qualified joiner to install your new door. Your external door becomes immediately usable fitted into your existing door frame. Safe and secure. Please see our help and advice section for further advice on this important element.