XL Joinery External Doors

What are XL Joinery Doors?

XL Joinery is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden doors and related accessories in the UK. With over 25 years of experience in the door manufacturing market, XL Joinery is trusted throughout the UK, and each year they supply around 400,000 doors. At Online Door Store, we stock a large selection of interior and exterior XL Joinery Doors, in a wide variety of woods and finishes.


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What does the XL Joinery range include?

At Online Door Store, we offer over 30 different designs of external doors, and over  200 different models of interior doors from XL Joinery. 

Our range of XL Joinery exterior doors include glazed doors and panelled doors. We also offer XL Joinery external doors in a wide range of woods including hardwoodoak and pine. 

Your front door is the first thing that visitors will see, and so it’s important to make an excellent impression. At Online Door Store, we can help you find the right XL Joinery Door to fit in with your home. We offer a wide range of different door styles, from period to contemporary. With the great range of XL doors on offer, you can also choose the best external doors, without compromising on style.

Why choose an XL external door?

All of XL Joinery’s external doors are crafted to perform to the highest standards and meet building regulations, while also being fashionable and on-trend. Many of their doors will arrive at your door ready to hang, so there’s no hassle once your doors have arrived. 

Additionally, all the XL Joinery glazed external doors include toughened safety glass – regardless of whether the glass is decorative, clear or opaque. 

All their doors are manufactured out of engineered timber, with a wood veneer coating. Engineered timber is more resilient to environmental fluctuations. Their doors keep the heat and sound in your home, allowing for a private and energy efficient environment.

XL Joinery doors also come with a 10 year guarantee against defects. This means these doors are maintenance-free and can withstand whatever life throws at them.  

 Is XL Joinery Environmentally Friendly?

You might hesitate in buying new exterior doors with concerns that they might not be very environmentally friendly. However, XL Joinery is a door manufacturer that places environmental and sustainability concerns right at the forefront of their brand.  They are very passionate about environmental sustainability, and recognise that the planet needs to be protected for future generations. 

In fact, over 90% of their products hold FSC or PEFC certification. This means that not only does XL Joinery know exactly where their wood is coming from, but their wood originates from a sustainable source. They can guarantee that their wood doors are not a product of illegal deforestation, and as a result their impact on the environment is low. 

Following these sustainable practises allow XL Joinery to reduce its environmental impact while still providing you with quality wooden doors every time.