Classic Fire Doors

Classic Fire Doors are an excellent innovation for keeping you safe, in style. Fire doors, when correctly installed, prevent the spread of fire and smoke. So protecting your family and your property from the devastating effects of fire. We have a significant range at Online Door Store, with different designs to choose from. 





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Do I Need a Fire Door?

Fire doors create a passive fire safety system. They protect both domestic and commercial buildings from the spread of fire by confining it to a specific area for a longer period of time. But they can be stylish too !! Take a look at our designs, we’re sure you will find just what you are looking for.

Our Classic Fire Doors range comprises classic, period designs and also contemporary doors with a classic feel. Equally suited to both modern and period properties, depending on your interior design theme. We have flush doors and panelled doors all in a variety of styles. With Online Door Store you do not need to compromise on style. We have a wide variety of patterns that will suit any interior design. The fire doors match their standard counterparts so that you do not have to have different designs in the same area of the house. 

Why Classic Fire Doors?

You want to enjoy the style and elegance of classic styled doors, but are afraid you will have to spoil the look by installing Fire Doors. Don’t worry we have the perfect match for your other standard internal doors. Please do give us a call if you can’t see what you want on-line, we’ll be happy to make sure you find just the right style and size to fit your interior style to perfection.

Primed Classic Fire Doors

You may want to enjoy the style and elegance of our classic or modern doors but find the ‘natural wood’ look to be a bit out-dated. The Classic designs shown on this page are mostly available in a white primed finish too. There is nothing finer than a double coat of factory applied primer to give the very best start to a decorated door. The door is pre-sealed to give protection until the final coat of paint goes on. When the doors arrive and are hung ready-primed there is a feeling of already being over half way there. 

On-Going Works

Rather than have no doors hung in the areas involved in works it is better to have your doors in place to cut down on noise and dust. Pre-primed White fire doors offer the best solution in this instance. The doors already have a level of surface protection built in and will withstand the dust from the on-going works. When the messy works are complete all that is left is for the decorators to give them the final lick of paint. Obviously, there is a great benefit in time and cost saved on the final decorations.

Installation Guidance

Installation of fire doors must be done correctly, please see our help and advice section for further information on this critical element.

The intumescent strip is just one of the key components in a fire door. Running around the edge where the door meets the door frame, it helps to trap the smoke, preventing it from spreading, as well as assisting in keeping flames from spreading beyond the door.


Please do give us a call if you can’t see what you want on-line, we’ll be happy to make sure you find just the right style and size to fit your new décor to perfection.