Pine Fire Doors

: Pine fire doors offer a safe and elegant solution for your home, there is a pre-primed option for those with a painted theme, offering a high-quality finish. With your family's safety at the forefront, the pine fire doors that we provide, will help to that your home is protected in the event of a fire. Order your pine fire doors online with us today.


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Pine Fire Doors

If you’re looking for the perfect addition for your home, which not only allow you to enhances the space, but also provides a safety feature, then our pine fire doors are the ideal choice. Pine fire doors offer a simple look to suit a broad variety of themes and styles within a home. The natural pine colour is beautiful when left alone, but can be varnished in order to offer an even higher level of durability. If, however, you want to unleash your own creativity, then our pine fire doors are also available primed for a painted option. These extremely versatile additions to your home can match almost any room, whether you have a contemporary style or traditional home.

At Online Door Store, we understand the importance of durability when it comes to your doors, whether you have children, pets or you’re home alone. While pine fire doors tend to be an affordable option for many homeowners, this doesn’t mean that their quality is compromised. We pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of pine fire doors for our customers to choose from, all of which are flexible and can be attributed to any room in the home.

Features And Benefits Of Pine Fire Doors

One of the main benefits of pine fire doors is their versatility and flexibility.

We believe in ensuring that all of our pine doors are durable and resilient to even the most excessive of use, and we will even engineer all of the doors in order to minimise any form of warping, shrinking or twisting of the wood. With a veneered finish with all of our doors, and a broad range of styles to choose from in our range, our pine fire doors are certain to be the ideal addition for your home.

Fire Resistant Pine Doors For Sale

We understand the importance of safety in your home, 30 minute fire resistant fire doors are a significant addition to this. With the ability to act as a barrier in the circumstance of a fire in the home, smoke and fire can be contained for a certain amount of time so your family are able to evacuate the home safely. However, despite the key purpose of the fire-resistant pine doors being safety, we also ensure that all of our doors are aesthetically pleasing.

This naturally beautiful wood can provide a simple yet elegant addition to your home, whether you decide to opt for a natural look or a coloured finish. No matter what you choose, the aesthetic of our pine fire doors will ensure your home looks complete. At Online Door Store, our pine doors are available either pre-primed or un-finished. Overlaid with A-grade veneers, our doors ensure a premium quality look at all times.

Order your fire-resistant pine doors online with us, today.