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Pine Internal Doors

If you’re looking for a blank canvas on which you can unleash your creativity, then our pine internal doors are the ideal choice. Manufactured to feature a solid pine core and engineered to guarantee durability, our pine internal doors are available in a range of styles to suit almost all home interiors. We understand the importance of stability and strength when it comes to internal doors, and all of our doors are guaranteed to withstand family day-to-day use in your home.

Pine is often a popular choice for homeowners looking for an affordable, versatile yet resilient option for their interior design. While some prefer composite doors for a more contemporary look in their property, the traditional design of the pine can enhance almost any property – and more importantly can be adapted to provide you with a modern look if you so wish. With the ability to be expertly painted by a member of our professional team upon ordering to any colour available on our colour chart, your period-style home can be complemented when you buy pine internal doors today.

Why Should I Buy Pine Internal Doors?

When you buy pine internal doors from Online Door Store, you are guaranteed exceptionally high standards of quality every time. We engineer all of our pine doors in such a way to ensure that any warping, shrinking or twisting of the wood is controlled and kept to a minimum. Pine is generally one of the more affordable options for homes, but that doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on quality when compared to a more expensive oak or walnut door.


With a superior, high quality finish on all of the pine internal doors which we stock as part of our range, our solid pine doors are the perfect addition to almost any home. We stock a broad number of styles and designs from a range of eras including Victorian and 1930s, to provide you with a classic look. With a solid core, and veneered finish, the aesthetic that our pine internal doors can provide your home with will ensure that your home has a complete look as soon as they are installed.

How Pine Internal Doors Can Compliment Your Home

Pine is a naturally beautiful wood, but its versatility is what makes it a particular favourite in a number of homes across the UK. Pine internal doors can be finished to match the current décor in your home via a painting or staining method, or alternatively, they can be glossed in order to enhance their natural beauty. Many of the pine internal doors in our range are pre-primed, and engineered to be overlaid with A-grade veneers to ensure that you are obtaining a high-quality look, every time.

At Online Door Store, we make the entire process of arranging to buy pine internal doors simpler than ever. With a 10-year guarantee on all of our pine internal doors, you can enjoy these robust and versatile doors for many years to come.