Primed Doors

Our range of Primed Doors offers those who wish to have coloured doors in their home a head start with their decoration. Primed doors have a level of protection pre-installed for when works are on-going in the surrounding areas. We also have  Primed Fire Doors for situations recommended for enhanced fire protection. Other primed styles are available from the Mexicano to the Vancouver, give us a call to discuss your needs. See also other finishes and veneers in our main category page, Internal Doors


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Primed Doors

If you want to enjoy the style and elegance of our classic or modern doors but find the ‘natural wood’ look to be a bit out-dated then our primed doors are just right for you. There is nothing finer than a double coat of factory applied primer to give the very best start to a decorated door. The door is pre-sealed to give protection until the final coat of decorative paint goes on. When the doors arrive and are hung pre-primed there is a feeling of already being over half way there.

On-Going works

The purchase of new doors often goes hand in hand with other internal works. A new extension or the refurbishment of a whole area of the home or office. Rather than have no doors hung in the areas involved it is better to have your doors in place to cut down on noise and dust. Pre-primed doors offer the best solution in this instance. The doors already have a level of surface protection built in and will withstand the dust from the on-going works. When the messy works are complete all that is left is for the decorators to give them the final lick of paint. Obviously there is a great benefit in time and cost saved on the final decorations.

What style can I choose?

We show only a few of the styles available so if you have found another door on our site but want it primed just give us a call! We can obtain primed versions of all of the following door styles:

Mexicano, Vancouver,  Shaker panelled doors, Maine, Coventry, Regency styles, Florida, Contemporary, Lincoln, Victorian styles and many more. 

Can I get Glazed and Fire Door Options?

Well yes of course! Glazed options and FD30 versions are also available. Even Bi-fold doors are available pre-primed. Please see our Blog and Help and Advice sections for more guidance on selection, sizing, styles and installation.

Please do give us a call if you can’t see what you want on-line, we’ll be happy to make sure you find just the right style and size to fit your new décor to perfection.