Unglazed Doors

Unglazed Doors for those who prefer to bring in a bit of their own design flair. You may wish to include a special family or company emblem. Perhaps a fancy design or motif. For the best unglazed internal doors, turn to Online Door Store.  


Here, you can choose from an extensive range of interior unglazed doors, regardless of your needs and requirements. With the ability to add character and light to a room, interior unglazed doors are the perfect addition to your home.


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Unglazed Internal Doors

Even though many of us think of doors as just a gateway to getting in and out of a room, they are so much more than simply a plank of wood that can be opened and closed. 

Unglazed internal doors in particular are the perfect option when it comes to updating your home décor, and can instantly add character and light to a room or compact hallway.

Choosing the right unglazed internal doors

At Online Door Store, we understand that choosing the right internal doors for your home can be a challenge. Despite this, changing the doors in your property can significantly help to transform your home, and unglazed internal doors could be an excellent option for you.

For instance, we offer unglazed internal pine doors that provide a lighter look to your home. Or you might choose a solid oak door for something darker. Whatever you choose, an unglazed door’s internal aesthetic can suit any style.

Features And Benefits Of Interior Unglazed Doors

Whilst pre-glazed doors can add a fascinating feature to your home by providing immediate additional light, unglazed internal doors offer you a wider range of glazing options. 

Why buy unglazed doors?

A wood door finish in particular is beneficial far beyond its admirable visual appearance. Solid wooden doors contain better insulating properties, meaning that very little heat gets lost due to thin door properties. 

Not only can you benefit from this additional insulation, but you can rest assured that your new  internal doors are highly durable. Moreover, unglazed internal doors provide you with improved design flexibility. The possibilities are endless!

Unglazed Doors For Sale Online

For the best unglazed internal doors, turn to Online Door Store. We offer an extensive range of interior unglazed doors, such as unglazed internal pine doors.

We also provide a range of accessories available for separate purchase, including door handles and door knobs, enabling you to decorate your door however you wish.

How to order unglazed doors

When you buy unglazed internal doors for Online Door Store, you are certain to receive the best quality products at all times. We offer a choice of delivery options on UK orders and strive to provide high quality support and an award-winning service every time. 

Further to this, we will also contact you to arrange a suitable delivery slot, which is perfect for those that lead a hectic lifestyle. 

What’s more is that if you are not 100 percent satisfied with our unglazed internal doors, or any of our interior doors, we will give you your money back!

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Order your unglazed internal doors online today with ease, or call 0208 158 6700 to speak to a member of our professional team who will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, pop us an email at enquiries@onlinedoorstore.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.