Vestibule Doors

If you’re searching for a traditional styled door which provides plenty of light to enter a room, then vestibule doors are the perfect choice. While mainly suited to dining rooms and living rooms, these doors are versatile enough to match almost any room. 

The main feature of an interior vestibule door is the glass paneling which makes up a portion, up to half, of the door itself. This can either be clear glass to allow maximum lighting to encompass the room, or frosted/stained glass with coloured features to create a statement. 

When you browse our collection online, you will find that they are available in a broad range of woods, such as pitch pine and oak. This can provide you with a range of designs and colours to choose from, so that your doors best match the current décor, or proposed interior design, of your property.


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What are vestibule doors?

A vestibule is a small entryway or area surrounding the outer door, separating the exterior of a building from the interior. A traditional vestibule door would therefore have glass paneling to allow natural light into the house.

Nowadays, vestibule doors continue to be important for letting in light, but they are also versatile in design and can be used anywhere around the house.

The benefits of buying internal vestibule doors

Unlike many other door types, vestibule doors can provide you with additional lighting, which is extremely important to many homes, particularly if the room that they are being attached to is particularly small or does not have many windows. 

Maximizing space in a property can be particularly important for many homeowners, which is where installing an interior vestibule door can be beneficial.

Why is extra light important?

Allowing light inside properties is particularly important for many homeowners, and whether you’re looking to invest in skylights or additional windows in the future, one simple yet elegant way of boosting the light within a room is to add a vestibule door. 

This means that even when the door is closed, you are not losing out on all of the light that could be entering the room from other areas of the property. Whether this is to boost the appearance of a dining room, or to provide you with additional light in your study, an interior vestibule door is the ideal choice for many different interiors.

How will vestibule doors suit my home?

Another benefit of internal vestibule doors is the fact that you can have numerous designs on the doors depending on the availability of our range. This can provide you with the opportunity to create a truly bespoke look within your property. 

Traditionally, vestibule doors were used for small and functional purposes, such as closets, but at Online Door Store, we’re pushing the boundaries by providing you with a selection of internal vestibule doors to suit all areas of your property, without looking out of place. 

Vestibule door ideas

Unsure of how to incorporate a vestibule into your home? They’re perfect for entryways as they let light flow between rooms. And, with a stained glass vestibule door it can become a natural centrepiece in the decor of your home.

Whether you want a Victorian vestibule door or a more modern design, you can benefit from a classy yet practical look for your property. If you want other doors to go with these please find all our designs at Internal Doors.

Why Should I Order Internal Vestibule Doors Online?

When it comes to ordering internal vestibule doors online, we make the entire process easier than ever.  With a variety of sizes to choose from when you buy internal vestibule doors, you can be certain to find a match for your property. 

At Online Door Store, we ensure that all of our doors are specially engineered to limit any signs of warping or bending with the seasons, to ensure resilience and durability at all times. Order your internal vestibule doors online with Online Door Store today.