XL Joinery Doors

What are XL Joinery Doors?

XL Joinery is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden doors and related accessories in the UK. XL Joinery has over 25 years experience in the door manufacturing market and they supply around 400,000 doors annually throughout the UK.

At Online Door Store, we stock a large selection of interior and exterior XL Joinery Doors, in a wide variety of woods and finishes.


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What does the XL Joinery range include?

At Online Door Store, we offer over 200 different models of interior doors from XL Joinery. We also stock over 30 different designs of external doors.

Our range of XL Joinery Interior doors include fire doors, bi-folding doors and glazed doors. We also offer XL Joinery doors in a wide range of woods such as oak, pine and walnut and a wide range of finishes, such as a white painted finish or laminated

At Online Door Store, you’ll be able to find the perfect door for your home, no matter your home’s interior design. We offer a wide range of different door styles, from period to contemporary. With the great range of XL doors on offer, you can also choose between bi-folding, glazed or panelled models, without compromising on style.Check out all of our brands and styles at Internal Doors

Is XL Joinery environmentally friendly?

If you’re concerned that a purchase of  new doors might not be environmentally friendly, XL Joinery doors might be the right solution for you. They recognise that this planet needs to be protected for future generations, and they are very passionate about environmental sustainability. 

In fact, over 90% of their products hold FSC or PEFC certification, which means that XL Joinery knows exactly where their wood is coming from, and that the wood comes from a sustainable source. Therefore, they can guarantee that their wood doors are not a product of illegal deforestation. 

Following these sustainable practises allow XL Joinery to reduce its environmental impact while still providing you with quality wooden doors every time. 

Why choose an XL Joinery door?

XL doors are a composite design crafted with a solid core constructed for modern materials, with an additional veneer in a natural wood or a fashionable material to finish the look. 

Due to this design function, XL Joinery Doors’ core provides excellent sound insulation, which makes these internal doors perfect for your privacy needs. The core also provides excellent heat insulation, which will help your home run more efficiently, and may even save you money on your heating bills in the process!

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about your door arriving with defects. All XL Joinery doors come with a ten-year guarantee against defects, so you can really be confident that once a XL Joinery door is installed, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance issues.