FD60 Fire doors

FD60 Fire Doors. A selection of doors with an FD60 rating. Our FD60 doors are certified to withstand heat, flames and smoke for SIXTY minutes where a higher level of safety has been specified.

 A 60 minute fire rated door provides added protection where needed. See our blog section for further guidance on fire doors.


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How are our FD60 doors certified?

All our FD60 doors comply with the legal requirements as outlined in the BWF certified scheme, and ensure that you will be protected in the event of a fire for sixty minutes. 

What is the core of our 60 Minute Fire Doors made of?

A 60 minute fire door must be able to withstand heat and fire for 60 minutes before it breaks down, therefore the core of the doors must be solid. We offer fire doors made out of streboard, flamebreak or solid hardwood. 

What sizing options are available for FD60 doors?

If you can’t find an FD60 door to fit the particular measurements that you require, get in touch with Online Door Store. We can work with you to create a custom door that fits perfectly in your home or is suitable for your business. 

We will ensure that a custom-made FD60 will fit the legal requirements that all sixty minute fire doors are required to meet. 

How are FD60 doors built?

Our 60 minute fire doors are usually 54mm thick, and we offer the fire doors in a range of standard sizes. If a door suitable for your needs isn’t available, simply contact Online Door Store and we can create a custom fitting door.

FD60 doors have a hot and a cold seal smoke seal around the edges of the door leaf, the door frame and the door lining. The lining of FD60 doors must comply with regulations and be constructed out of hardwood. 

What kind of finish can the 60 Minute Doors have?

We offer our 60 minute rated fire doors in both oak and walnut with either a flush or a XL Joinery design. If you do not see a door design that you like, contact Online Door Store and we can help you find something custom made for you. 

If you want a fire door but think that FD60 doors might be too much for your needs, all of our other fire doors are FD30 certified doors – which will protect you from fire for thirty minutes.