Unglazed Fire Doors

- Do I need them?

Complimenting your other standard doors around the home our Unglazed Fire Doors FD30 give you the opportunity to choose your own style of glazing. You could be after a particular design or look in the etching in the glass. Perhaps a crest or a company logo. Maybe you want the light to shine through but need to maintain privacy. The primary aim is to provide safety in the event of an accidental fire. So any glass you do have fitted MUST bear the appropriate safety marks and be fitted by an approved installer.

Modern building regulations are very strict on the use of fire doors in certain instances. It may be that your architect has stipulated a fire door in certain areas. It is always good practice to separate a room with a source of fire. Isolate stoves, fireplace, oven or hob from other areas of the house with fire doors. In this way, if an accident should occur, the fire door can provide your family with vital extra time to make their escape. Our fire doors have an FD30 rating to give Thirty Minutes of time before they will burn through. We also have certain FD60 Sixty Minute doors if you need them.

What is their Purpose?

Fire doors create a passive fire safety system. Protecting both domestic and commercial buildings from the spread of fire by confining it to a specific area. And also for a longer period of time. This allows people within the building enough time to escape via alternative routes which might otherwise be cut off by fire.

They are a legal requirements for particular buildings, including for flats and commercial properties. But the prime purpose for Fire Doors  is to save lives and halt the progress of a destructive fire.

Selection and Installation

Installation of fire doors must be done correctly. Please see our help and advice section for further information on this critical element.

The intumescent strip is just one of the key components in a fire door. It runs around the edge where the door meets the door frame or 'lining'. It expands in the heat and helps to trap the smoke. This prevents smoke and fumes from spreading. Also assisting in keeping flames from spreading beyond the door. This keeps an escape route through the house, as it should be, safe.

Unglazed fire doors FD30, offering you the choice to be as individual in your interior design as you like.

If you would like further help with your selection(s) please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01132 234898.


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